Renew Your Mind

The Bible emphasizes the imperative to renew your mind, advocating for a complete transformation in our thinking. This renewal is about changing the subjects of our contemplation and demands a profound shift in our thought processes. It is a call to forsake old thinking patterns and embrace the fresh perspective that God desires for us. The essence of this renewal is to align our thoughts with God’s thoughts and cultivate a Christ-like mindset.

I have observed that many individuals who identify as Christians haven’t truly experienced this transformation in their thinking. Some remain preoccupied with the extent of sin they can accommodate while still retaining salvation. Others fixate on the strict adherence to religious rules to secure their salvation. Regrettably, this isn’t a genuine renewal of the mind; it’s an attempt to blend worldly thinking with a partially renewed perspective.

True renewal, however, is not just about changing what we think; it’s about adopting God’s way of thinking. Scripture tells us that we have the mind of Christ, granting us the ability to think as Jesus does. Renewing our minds involves transitioning from the world’s thought patterns to Christ’s to align our thinking with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, people pose a seemingly rhetorical question: “Is there anything God can’t do?” While the immediate answer is that God can do anything and everything, we must recognize that there are limitations due to His divine nature.

God cannot sin and is neither tempted to sin. To sin or not is not a matter of choice; it is not in his nature to sin. Just as a pig cannot fly like a bird because it goes against nature, sin is fundamentally incongruent with God’s character, rendering it something He cannot engage in, not just will not.

Other aspects of God’s nature restrict His actions: He cannot experience fear, worry, or doubt, and He cannot perceive anything as impossible. This last point is particularly noteworthy.

God has never faced a situation and declared it impossible. The notion of impossibility has never crossed His divine mind. Contrastingly, our worldly perspective often confronts us with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. However, God’s mind never entertains the idea of impossibility; He sees everything as possible.

So, what does renewing our mind entail? It involves reclaiming the original mindset God bestowed upon Adam, whom God created in His image. Adam initially possessed God’s way of thinking, free from any notion of impossibility. Sin eroded this divine mindset, replacing it with the current worldly perspective.

To renew our minds is to strive to think as God thinks. It means embracing the gift of the mind of Christ and making it our own.

Consider this common scenario: someone says, “I don’t know how we’ll overcome this; it’s impossible.” Then, in the same breath, they add, “But I trust God; He’s in control.”

While this statement may seem faith-filled, it falls short because it acknowledges, even embraces, the impossibility of the situation. Conversely, God never perceives any circumstance as impossible; He sees the solution in every challenge.

Recently, I prayed for someone diagnosed with a terminal illness, a situation the doctors declared incurable. As I implored God for healing, His response startled me: “You heal them.”

That statement reminded me of when the disciples approached Jesus, suggesting He send the crowd away to buy food. His reply was equally astonishing: “You feed them.” Similarly, God told me to act under His authority, utilize His way of thinking, and command earthly circumstances to align with His will.

God continued, saying, “I’ve already placed My healing within you. Now, release what you have into her.”

At that moment, I didn’t fully grasp what He was saying to me, and I’m still gaining understanding, but I knew I had to obey, even without complete comprehension.

Jesus sent His disciples out, even before the Holy Spirit’s outpouring at Pentecost, to heal the sick. Jesus Himself imparted His authority to us, allowing us to do the same in His name.

A renowned faith healer didn’t anoint me; I was learning from the Holy Spirit through the Word of God that everything I need is already mine. I need to change my thinking to think as Jesus does.

Jesus declared when He was on earth, “I only do what I see the Father doing.” If I see/hear the Father instructing me to release healing into my friend’s situation, that’s precisely what I should do.

Some might ask, “What if nothing happens? What if the person doesn’t get healed? What if the person gets worse?”

I must understand that I am only responsible for obeying what Abba directs me to do. I am not responsible for the outcome. That is His job–and sometimes even His hands are tied.

Renewing our minds through the cleansing power of the Word entails a transformation in our thinking, aligning it with the mind of Christ. This transformation eradicates impossibility, doubt, fear, and worry, replacing them with unwavering faith and corresponding action, for faith without works is dead.

Imagine if the entire Body of Christ experienced this renewal of the mind. What if we abandoned the world’s business model for the church and returned to the model Jesus intended? What if everyone embraced this renewed thinking–thinking like Christ? The potential for achieving God’s purposes would be immeasurable.

Let us continue to seek this transformation in our thinking as individuals and as a collective Body. Let us be vessels of faith, action, and unwavering trust in God’s unlimited power. As we do so, we will witness the extraordinary manifestations of His will on earth as it is in heaven, fulfilling the purpose for which we were placed here on earth.

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