New Doors For 2024

Like many believers, I try to tune in a little bit closer around the time of the new year. I desire to hear what God may be saying to me about the plans that He has in place. On January 1, as I scanned and deleted the hundreds of emails that seemingly never stop, I saw a headline that read, “2024, The Year of the Open Door.”

I chuckled slightly as I read that because I had heard people say that previous years were the years for open doors. If I am correct, I have heard that for the last several years.

As I thought to myself, I went to my daily journal to pray, and as I prayed, I heard the Lord say, “It’s a New Door, not an open door.”

As I pondered that, I began to realize that 2024 was going to be a year of new doors, new opportunities, and new things. The doors may be open or closed, but they are not just the same doors we’ve experienced; God has new things in store.

New things can be exciting, but they can also be terrifying. It can be exciting because it is new, but it is also different, and different means change, and we (I) don’t always like change.

I believe God has something new in store for 2024 in my life. I can’t speak for anyone else who may read this, but for me, I expect new doors to present themselves.

Open vs. Closed

One thing I’ve learned about doors is that they can be open or closed. Another thing I’ve learned is that the current state of the door does not always indicate the position that the door should be in. For example, an open door might need to be closed. There are times when we have to close doors to relationships, opportunities, or influences. At the same time, doors that are closed may need to be opened. Sometimes, we must reach out to make those opportunities available.

I’m guilty of looking at God’s opportunities, and if they don’t fall in my lap, I assume it’s not God. At the same time, I may push hard to enter the wrong places at the wrong time.

Doors are openings. They can allow access, or they can provide protection. It requires discerning to understand which doors to walk through and which to shut tightly.

As I think about what God said to me about new doors, I realize He won’t be the only one presenting new doors to me. I must walk in the spirit, remain in continued contact with Him, and follow His leading.

I am excited by the thought of new opportunities for 2024. I realize that I am in a place in life where God is pulling together all of my experiences into a place where He can use me for the purpose He created me. That will require me to be in a different place than I am currently. That will require new doors to open and some to be shut tightly.

With that said, 2024 will be a year of opportunity and change. It will also be a year where we must hear His voice more clearly than ever and tune out the world’s and the tempter’s voices.

It is my prayer that 2024 will be a year of New Doors for you and yours.

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